Cerdan Heritage : the brand


The heritage of a legend


Marcel Cerdan is considered as the best world champion boxer that Europe has produced (member of the “Hall of fame”).
The flamboyant rise to global fame by this man of the people, his athletic achievements, his romance with Edith Piaf and his tragic death in an air crash at the age of 33 have built a legend around Marcel Cerdan who remains one of France’s most cherished heroes.


In response to the endless requests by his fans and by the young generations who admire him, his grandson, Nicolas Cerdan, has re-edited a full collection of clothing and accessories that Marcel Cerdan had developed in the United States in 1948, the year of his world championship victory against Tony Zale.


The Style


Our collections are directly inspired by the French and American fashion styles of the 40′ and 50’. We propose a complete universe (tee-shirts, warmups, shirts and polos, pullovers and sweats, jackets and blousons, jogging trousers and shorts, shoes, bags and caps) directly inspired by the genuine products of this period. Our collection is characterised by its style and quality which guaranty you elegance and pleasure.


The Heritage Collection 
Authentic reeditions of genuine apparels and accessories as they were produced when Marcel Cerdan was fighting. The Heritage Collection is made with the highest standards of quality with natural materials and fine finishing.
Each product wears details reminding the life of the champion and his the time.
Emblem of this collection, the embroidered rose is a romantic reminder in the memory of his great friend Edith Piaf.


The Sportswear Collection
The Sportswear collection is made with the same materials and standards of quality than the Heritage collection, but without fine finishing such as embroideries, so that we can offer the best quality/price products but at a lower price level.

The cut
With the typical style of the 40′ and 50′, our tops are close fitting and tailored (“slim fit”) while our trousers are loose fitting and comfortable. Our cuts are well adapted to sport and also bring a touch of elegance and style in the street.

The Manufacture
Our collections are made in Europe with the highest standards, in 100% natural materials and with fine finishing.
Our standards for quality are the same as those applied to the first sportswear made in the first half of the XXth century, which were practical, robust and with high quality.